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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Publicmake?

Publicmake is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as an additional and limited earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing.


Is Publicmake free to join?

Yes. Publicmake is free to join.


Is Publicmake legal?

YES, it is legal. In order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! Here at  Publicmake, we sell traffic which is our basic product. All members that purchase ad packs will get Traffic exchange credits and guaranteed banner clicks. More details are available on the "Dashboard" page.


Can I join without a sponsor?

YES. You may join us directly using the "Register" link found on the "Home Page" or on the "Top Menu Bar". The default sponsor is site Admin.


Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, you can have many accounts as you desire but only one will be eligible to receive funds from PTC and rented referral systems.


I forgot my PIN, what can I do?

Go to the login page and click on reset password, a link to reset your password and PIN will arrive to your email.


How can I start to make money?

On publicmake you earn mainly on the number of upgraded referrals you have.

Please check this out, You only need 25 prospects to get you on your feet with our platform before you start giving excuses on why you can’t make money online. With only 25 contacts you can maintain a stable income of more than Ksh 20,000 a month.

Please note you can have one referral or 1000  referrals and still earn on our platform. 25 is what worked most for our user which is our case study.

Why 25?

1. 25 because the number is easily  Manageable and you can efficiently be in contact with your downlines 

2. Raising the upgrade fee is not a herculean task hence you can easily get 25 people to upgrade their accounts.

3. The amount is paid monthly. This means you will be earning on a monthly basis as every member of your down line renews his account you will be having commissions being remitted to you. One-time payment reaches a saturation point where there are no more referrals adding up on your down line which limits your earnings. Another disadvantage of onetime payment is you will have to keep on looking for referrals day in day out thus no referrals no earning on that fateful day. But with monthly and affordable renewal packages you will be able to maintain a steady source of income

4. Having a small number will help you guide your referrals on how to recruit new referrals/prospects, in turn, preventing them from dropping out of  the business model as  they will be earning and therefore maintain your income sources

5. 25 is a significant number and your total earnings will be tangible and not mere coins.

6. Due to the small upgrade fee, you can easily maintain your account on a monthly basis and so are your referrals hence this platform will be your cash cow.

Please note there is no online business that will promise you money without buying products, having prospects or selling products affiliated to the company. There will never be an easy way of making money online. Network marketing is the way to go. Any online business promising you money without selling, buying and having prospects is most likely to be scammy.

We always advise our users to try us out before sharing your referral link with friends and family members or even relatives this will help you not to be termed a scammer or anything of the sort. if it won't work for you it will definitely not work for them and you will definitely not share the business idea with them hence preventing your image from being tarnished,

Withdrawals will be done on the same day the withdrawal request is submitted from Monday to Friday. Withdrawals done on Saturday and Sunday will be disbursed on Monday.


How can I do CPA/GPT offers?

Just read the instructions, click on the name and follow the instructions. When you done click on submit and wait few minutes to credit in your balance if you did it correctly. 


I completed a CPA/GPT or a Offerwall task and I didn't received the Credits/Money.

Just wait a while, everything is automated, but sometimes the connection fails or the offer is faulty. If 24 hours pass and you are not credited contact the support. Every Offer Wall has his own support button.


What are Offer Walls?

Offerwall are windows with tasks to do sent by our sponsors and in which you can choose from hundreds of offers.


What do I do if problems with an offerwall or with an offer?

First of all, you should know that we have no control over any offerwall or the offers that appear. We only expose the walls. In general, each offerwall has its security measures and has its own support, which appears in some section of the offerwall as "Help" or "Support" button and from there you must contact them from your account to be credited an offer that has not been completed or that It has given you problems.


I don't have any tasks in the Offerwall or in the CPA/GPT.

All our offers are geolocalized, which means that depending on where you are you will have more or fewer offers. Sometimes it also depends on the device you connect to, if you connect from a smartphone you may receive special offers for that device, same on PC or iPhone.


Minimum to request a payment?

The minimum is USD 3


Maximum payment request.

It depends on your membership, go here to check it. Upgrade


How long does it take for payout/withdrawals to be released?.

Withdrawals are done on a daily basis


With which payment processor can I withdraw?

Paypal, Payza, flutter wave, Perfect Money & various cryptocurrencies.


Can I receive a payment using any payment processor?

Right now you can request payment with any Fiat and Bitcoin payment processor (Fiat is normal currencies as Paypal, Payeer, Payza, and PerfectMoney). For other cryptocurrencies it's temporarily different (only for ETH, LITE, DOGE, BCH and DASH), this is a new feature that we have recently established, so we start with some first limits.


When can I start a payment request?

When you have reached your payout limit


I have been banned.

Depends on the reason, for example:

+ Having more than 1 account for PTC and rented referrals is not allowed, if the security system detects it, you will be banned automatically.
+ If you try to commit fraud and our system detects you will be banned automatically.
+ If we suspect that you are trying to take advantage of any failure, we can be banned without warning.
+ If you have too many attempts to complete rejected offers, we can be banned without warning.

If you think you have been banned by mistake, please contact support.


In my home, we are a couple of people who use the same connection to access the web.

You only can have 1 account eligible for PTC and Rented Referral per IP.

You can have as many others as you want.

*: This includes Standard, Silver, Gold & Platinum accounts.


I want to advertise here.

Very well, if you do not have an advertiser account you can configure it from settings in your profile. Select what type of account you want to have, or both and you will see the window to advertise. Explore our AdPack and choose the one that best suits you.


What is Traffic Exchange (Disabled)?

Is a way in which you can see lots of ads that put the members of the network, for each ad you see you will be credited an amount, in the balance of Traffic, means that with that balance can only buy packs Traffic Exchange and advertise your web or your referral link. Of course, making money there is much simpler.


What can I do with Traffic Balance?

The traffic balance can not be transferred to any other balance. Traffic Balance only serves to create campaigns in Traffic exchange.


What is Traffic Grid?

It is a new model that works as a lottery. You have to see an ad for a few seconds, you select a cell and you can play one of the random prizes.


How can I get a Trophy (Disabled), join a Contest or Jackpot?

Trophies are automatically assigned when the requirements are met. In the contests, you have to look and complete what is required to climb the ranking and win a prize. The Jackpot is different, you have to buy tickets, more tickets you have higher is the chance to win. The winner is revealed at the end of the raffle.


I have a problem with some ads and can't close them!

We apologize for that, it seems that "browser hijackers" are very common lately.
Simply press CTRL+W and close that malicious page, let us know what is the ad is and we will delete it instantly. You will be rewarded with 10 points for the inconvenience.


I want to apply for an Affiliate account.

Contact the support and tell them why you are interested and what you can offer. They will be able to contact you as soon as possible.


Is my personal information protected from your company?

Any personal information that you provide to us is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

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