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News Update 9/4/2019 2:45:01 PM


Welcome to our site. Please let us know of any suggestions to implement on our site for your ease and profitability. We value our users' feedback.

NEWS UPDATE  30/08/2019

Withdrawals will be  open on Tuesday and Saturday

Please note you can withdraw up to 300% of the deposited amount. i.e for a deposit of USD 500 you will withdraw up to USD 1500 per withdrawal.

We are having our first support centre office as we seek to expand in Abuja, Jos Street Near First Bank, Kilina House on Second Floor room F12. We will open as from Monday. Our operating hours will be from 8 am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

All the payments will be disbursed on Thursday. Please make sure you have set up your account by adding your mpesa number in the payment section. Please double check your email and make sure it is valid in such a way that, it has no spelling mistakes and you can access it and you can receive the confirmation code.


Withdrawals are done every Saturday and Tuesday 


For you to upgrade your account you need funds on your purchase balance. To add money, please create an account here with local bitcoins. You can buy bitcoins via Tigo Tanzania, MTN Nigeria, Paypal, Bank Transaction and Mpesa. After buying bitcoins log in to your account, click on Deposit and complete your transaction by sending bitcoins from your Local Bitcoin account to the shown address 


All payouts will start being disbursed as From Thursday Latest Friday 

All disputed payouts will be paid on Tuesday the following week after approval.


Please don't create/login multiple accounts using the same device; You will risk being banned


For quick support assistance, publicmake254@gmail.com is the preferred mode of contacting us or alternatively you can create a support ticket at the support center.


Membership                     Price                    Clicks                             USD/Click             Amount/Day
Standard Membership.    USD 0                         10                                     0.1                         1.0

Advanced Membership    USD 38                   23                                      0.10                       2.3

You can earn through viewing videos which credits you 0.15 USD per day.

Referrals earn you USD 1.5 per sign up which will be paid at midnight and 0.5 USD for your referrals click which is paid instantly. Your referral needs to be active for you to earn.

Happy Earnings Everyone!