Earn Online In Kenya


Compensation Plan 4/1/2020 12:13:52 AM


Our package cost 1500. The package could be as low as 200 but it won't be as viable and economical for you as the user than the current KES 1500 package. The new package will be renewable after every 2 months which will help in stabilizing your income.

All new users will be awarded FREE Ksh 500 in their accounts as a signup bonus. Our minimum withdrawal limit is ksh 600. That simply means you will be able to withdraw once you get your first referral which will sum upto Ksh 1200 for your first withdrawal.


Please note there is no online business that will promise you money without buying products, having prospects or selling products affiliated to the company. There will never be an easy way of making money online. Network marketing is the way to go. Any online business promising you money without selling, buying and having prospects is most likely to be scammy.

The first tier referral will earn you Ksh 700 the second Tier referral will earn you Ksh 200 and the third referral tier will earn you ksh 50.

We always advise our users to try us out before sharing your referral link with friends and family members or even relatives this will help you not to be termed a scammer or anything of the sort. if it won't work for you it will definitely not work for them and you will definitely not share the business idea with them hence preventing your image from being tarnished,

Please use our MPESA Till number: Buy Goods and Services 980605. Your account will be automatically be updated

Withdrawals will be done on the same day the withdrawal request is submitted from Monday to Friday. Withdrawals done on Saturday and Sunday will be disbursed on Monday.