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Compensation Plan 4/1/2020 12:13:52 AM

On publicmake you earn mainly on the number of upgraded referrals you have.

Please check this out, You only need 25 prospects to get you on your feet with our platform before you start giving excuses on why you can’t make money online. With only 25 contacts you can maintain a stable income of more than Ksh 20,000 a month.

Please note you can have one referral or 1000  referrals and still earn on our platform. 25 is what worked most for our user which is our case study.

Why 25?

1. 25 because the number is easily  Manageable and you can efficiently be in contact with your downlines 

2. Raising the upgrade fee is not a herculean task hence you can easily get 25 people to upgrade their accounts.

3. The amount is paid monthly. This means you will be earning on a monthly basis as every member of your down line renews his account you will be having commissions being remitted to you. One-time payment reaches a saturation point where there are no more referrals adding up on your down line which limits your earnings. Another disadvantage of onetime payment is you will have to keep on looking for referrals day in day out thus no referrals no earning on that fateful day. But with monthly and affordable renewal packages you will be able to maintain a steady source of income

4. Having a small number will help you guide your referrals on how to recruit new referrals/prospects, in turn, preventing them from dropping out of  the business model as  they will be earning and therefore maintain your income sources

5. 25 is a significant number and your total earnings will be tangible and not mere coins.

6. Due to the small upgrade fee, you can easily maintain your account on a monthly basis and so are your referrals hence this platform will be your cash cow.

Please note there is no online business that will promise you money without buying products, having prospects or selling products affiliated to the company. There will never be an easy way of making money online. Network marketing is the way to go. Any online business promising you money without selling, buying and having prospects is most likely to be scammy.

We always advise our users to try us out before sharing your referral link with friends and family members or even relatives this will help you not to be termed a scammer or anything of the sort. if it won't work for you it will definitely not work for them and you will definitely not share the business idea with them hence preventing your image from being tarnished,

Withdrawals will be done on the same day the withdrawal request is submitted from Monday to Friday. Withdrawals done on Saturday and Sunday will be disbursed on Monday.

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