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Best Fashions In Kenya 5/6/2020 12:31:06 AM

Fashion in Kenya has come a long way. With aspiring designers on every corner, we have lots of new fashion houses in Kenya to watch out for. Kenyan women appreciate fashion and you can tell by the number of people rocking African wear, custom outfits and designers in town. They have a distinct taste which gives our local designers a tough job in finding just the perfect outfits for our ladies. We’ll take a look at popular fashion houses in Kenya that you need to watch out for.

ViVo ActiveWear by Wandia Gichuru

Kenya Fashion Wear - Vivo Activewear

If you are keen on Kenya’s fashion scene, you’ve probably heard of the name Vivo activewear before. This is one of the most popular fashion stores in Kenya with celebrities all over adorning their stunning pieces. One thing that stands out with Vivo is that they have a really wide array of clothing items for all sizes, especially the plus-size modern woman in Kenya. Their clothing is not only known for being top quality, but is also super comfortable and stylish. Vivo is also known to have very affordable pieces if you consider their quality and unique style.

Nomadic by Muhoho Kenyatta

Kenya Fashion Houses - Nomadic

This Fashion House is owned by Muhoho Kenyatta, President Kenyatta’s son, who seems to prove all his critics wrong by being a force to reckon with in Kenya’s fashion scene. His first showcase was absolutely stunning with a very bold line consisting of youthful and colorful pieces that could be worn right off the runway. The Nomadic label is still quite new but its popularity is something that can’t go unrecognized. The best part about this fashion line is that they have used local fabrics in almost all the pieces. Nomadic has a unisex line that appeals to the youth with a mix of formal, casual and beach wear. Nomadic fashion line items are available in exclusive stores.

Kiko Romeo by Ann McCreath

Kenya Fashion Houses - Kiko Romeo

For more than 18 years, Kiko Romeo has dominated the Kenyan fashion scene and it seems it’s going nowhere. This fashion house combines African style with contemporary designs. The best part about this clothing store is that they take in inputs from artisans in the community as well as community groups locally and incorporate their ideas in their collection. Kiko Romeo has a wide range of affordable pieces too. They are also known for their quality and timeless designs.

Tshirts Kenya

Best Fashion tshirts in kenya


If you are looking for any type of fashion T-shirts fashion accessories, this is probably a store that comes to mind. Tshirts Kenya has long been known to provide the most unique and quality Tshirts in Kenya. Their accessories are inspired by the latest sense of Tshirts fashions in Kenya. From their unique shapes to textures, Tshirts Kenya has perfected the art of making stunning Tshirt Designs that can be used with all kinds of outfits. If you are looking for a high-statement T-shirt this is a store worth considering.

Riri Jewelry by Ivy Chege

Fashion Houses in Kenya - Riri Jewelry

Ivy Chege and Njuhi Chege are two sisters who have come a long way to become a renowned name in the accessories industry in Kenya. The young and passionate ladies specialize in handcrafted jewelry and have been in the market for two years now. They have a wide range of statement pieces worth checking out. They specialize in head chains, necklaces, hair accessories and much more. The best part is that their pieces are extremely unique and catchy. They even have accessories made from bones, glass, semi-precious stones and any material you can think of. These two ladies have taken creativity in handmade jewelry to a whole different level.

Kikoti by Iona MacCreath

Fashion Houses in Kenya - Kikoti

Iona MacCreath, the daughter of Ann McCreath of Kiko Romeo, has come up with her own unique line that is taking the Kenya fashion scene by storm. Having helped her mother over the years in designing items for their shop, she slowly dived into fashion and came up with her own unique line that is affordable and eye catching for the youth. What’s unique about Kikoti fashion line? A percentage of all sales go to conservation of elephants. In fact, her pieces are named after an elephant. This beautiful young designer is worth checking out.

Ankara by Chimzy

Fashion Houses Kenya - Ankara by Chimzy

Ankara by Chimzy is a fashion line by Victoria Chimwemwe, a young lady who was beautifully used African print to come up with clothing items that appeal to young women. Her pieces range from shoes to purses, tops and dresses. She uses fun materials to create clothing items that are sleek and elegant. She offers statement pieces that could appeal to the youth.

There are many other fashion houses in Kenya to watch out for. We love each of the above and believe they certainly have a long way to go. Have any fashion house that you feel we should’ve covered in our list above, drop a comment below.