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Start making money online in 2020 while traveling all over the world. Earn points and cash that will enable you travel.

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We show you how to make money online and provide you with all
the necessary resources to get you started on your online journey

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WHETHER YOU WANT TO launch a side gig to generate regular part-time income or you're looking for some quick extra cash, making money online has never been easier. So, if you know that you want to find a dependable way to earn cash or you simply want to make some money, fast, but you're at a loss as to how to bring in that revenue, consider us before you scour the internet for ideas. Please check our services and decide for yourself

Depending on whether you're looking to collect extra income quickly or collect long-term income, each money-making website offers unique advantages tailored to your needs and interests. Read on for more information on our site.

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We work harder,
to let our user keep simple

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Money. It has been said that money makes the world go around.
I am not sure that money is truely has THAT level of importance, but having money does make life easier. success! Sean Themes, Developer Teams in Malaysia

How to Make Money Online/ Our Services

We share and provide different ways of making money online in our site
sfor free and paid membership

1. Car Rentals

Rather than having your car depreciating, parked in your driveway, you can get more out of your four-wheeled asset by renting it out with us and get paid monthly.You can also use our affiliate links to rent cars and earn on a daily basis .

2. Earn through Freelancing

Perhaps you enjoy writing, managing Facebook pages or doing a little bit of graphic design in your spare time. There are so many freelance jobs out there that require simple skills or just time that someone else might not have.

3. Flight Program

Through our paid program with kiwi.com and momondo.com. Our users will be able to get and 10% and 5% Chargebacks on every Ticket purchased and referral ticket purchased respectively. You will also be able to share your personal link and get upto 7% commission

4. Creating Websites

Earn through selling ad space,affiliate marketing, adsense advertising, selling your ebooks or online tutorials and accept donations from visitors

5. Hotel Booking

Earn upto Ksh 1000 on every Stay booked through our platform. We have patnered with booking.com and hotellook.com for easy and streamlined experience,.

6. Affiliate marketing

If you've got a good presence on social media or perhaps you even have a blog or website, you can start bringing in money immediately by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online.

7. Data Entry

There are a variety of tasks, but most commonly they involve mindless data entry, web research or form filling. You are rewarded and paid in cash (via Paypal) for the work you do, and you can choose for what and when you work

8. Earn money directly to your Mpesa

All your cash is paid through mpesa and Paypal payment processor. We guarantee weekly withdrawals.

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  • Starter

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • USD 5/Day
    • Weekly Payouts
    • Minimum Payout USD 3
    • Free Goodies
    • 24/7 Email support
  • Pro Package

    USD 12 per month
    • Flight, Car and Hotel Booking
    • USD 24/Day
    • Weekly Instant Payouts
    • Minimum Payout USD 3
    • Free Goodies
    • 24/7 Email support
  • Premium

    USD 48 Quarterly
    • USD 24/Day
    • Flight, Car and Hotel Booking
    • Daily Instant Payouts
    • Minimum Payout USD 5
    • Free Goodies
    • 24/7 Email support
  • Yearly

    USD 120
    • Flight Car and Hotel Booking
    • USD 24/Day
    • Weekly Instant Payouts
    • Minimum Payout USD 5
    • Free Goodies
    • 24/7 Email support

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